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  1. Thunderflight

    41 days

    41 days to go and I feel like I'm months from being ready. My shooting has been sucking, but I'm getting better. That said, sucking is speculative. I can consistently hit an elk size kill zone at 40 < yards, but I'd like to get that down to a basket ball sized group. IRT fitness I was sick...
  2. Boone

    Proposed addition of 2 more gun hunting days..................

    Adjustments Proposed to Ohio Deer Hunting Opportunities for 2013-2014 Season COLUMBUS, OH – The Ohio Wildlife Council will consider white-tailed deer hunting proposals on Wednesday, May 15, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). The following are adjustments to...
  3. E

    Wheeling Cabelas Great Outdoor Days

    I will have a booth set up this weekend (16,17) for Cabela's Great Outdoor Days. This is their largest event of the season with vendors and seminars throughout the weekend. Last year my display (Eye Spy Charters) was by the aquarium and I assume that is where I will be again. If you are in the...
  4. 1

    44 days and counting

  5. Dannmann801

    Couple of good days at the range

    I'm very frustrated right now because my honey-do's and family schedules and other obligations have been eating my weekends like mad ever since April, and my outdoor pursuits are lagging (but that's a story for another thread). But I have managed to get the range and do a little shooting...
  6. Kaiser878

    Te last two days!

    Thank goodness for ringers. They can turn a bad day into a real good day real quick! THe boy looking for some action!
  7. U

    pictures from the last two days

    this is the squirrel i shot at yesterday this was the last bird in the group of turkeys the lead bird was lucky i missed this was one of the groups of birds that i have been seeing regularly out of my stand sorry dont have pics of my broken arrow from the coyote ill...
  8. bowhunter1023

    Pics from the past few days...

    Nothing real exciting other than a look at what's running around out there... Last fall while observing Moe, he was using this shelf with frequency in the evenings and he had a scrape line along it. I decided to move a camera here to see if he would open that scrape up again this year and sure...
  9. Tree Monkey

    5 days until opening day!!!!!

    I should say opening night......nothing like spending a friday night under the lights!
  10. U

    31 days and counting

    31 days and we get to blast some tree rats , im drooling in anticipation :pickle::pickle::pickle::pickle::pickle:
  11. ohio mossy oak

    Just what I fuggin need 67 days before the season starts.

    I been battling Tendonitis in my bow arm since last summer..:smiley_boos:I shot my 07 Bear at 54lb all season.I got my 2010 Z28 in Feb an figured I would start with it turned down post injury.An I had not shot for a few months..Had it at about 52lb an it was great..I could shoot for an hour an...
  12. Redvette

    2 Dogs Killed Nation Redbone Days

    Being an ex-competition and pleasure coon hunter I was knocked back when I read that Fred Moran had his nationally known,(don't know what title Homer had but I think it was Grand Nite CH) Homer dog killed by a car while in a cast on a night hunt at National Rebone Days. To make it worse Dwayne...
  13. moundhill

    In exactly 5 days..

    I'll be on a plane headed to Seattle, Washington! I'm goin on a trip with my uncle out west to do some fishing on the Columbia River. It's a guided trip that lasts 3 days, hopefully we'll get into a mess of salmon. Then the last 4 days I'll spend my time on a guided boat in the Pacific Ocean...
  14. Bowhunter57

    How many days?

    If there's only 167 shopping days left until x-mass and 118 days until Eastern Daylight Time... How many days is it until we can go ice fishing again? :smiley_blink: Good hunting, Bowhunter57
  15. Bowhunter57

    Fishing on and off days?

    This is my first year ice fishing, but I've been hunting and fishing since my feet hit the ground. Granted there are days when the fishing is great and there are days when they're just not hitting like the usually do. Even on the slow days, I've always caught fish...sometimes it just takes...
  16. U

    12 days of christmas

    on the first day of christmas my pain in the ass wifegave to me one million candle power spotlight on the second day of christmas my pain in the ass wife gave to me 2 gut shot deer to butcher one million candle power spotlight on the third day of christmas my pain in the ass wife...
  17. Gern186

    The good ole days of 10 limit walleye

    I just found this picture of a large stringer of walleye I pulled from the mighty maumee quite a few years back when the limit was 10 per day! Man that was a heavy stringer! Do any of you guys remember pulling 10 fish out of there and carrying them across the island? Those were the days...