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6 yr. olds first deer


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Many of you have read my stories in the past about my wife's first deer or "our buck" the young 8 pt. I killed with my 4 yr. old Kody in blind with me. Hunting to me is so much about family and memories and I/we created one last night. My son now 6 has been shooting "moms" crossbow for a while now and is very good with it. Last night we went to our property for the evening hunt. We climbed into our double buddy stand and it was very windy for the first 2 hours. I keep my cell phone between us to avoid him from constantly asking me what time it is. However at 5:30 I hear a loud noise below us which is my cell phone he knocked off when he stood up. So the rest of his evening he would use the binoculars to see what time it was. (thankfully it landed clock side up). The last hour it became very calm and with about 45 mins remaining he stood up. At 7:23 I was watching over his shoulder when he said, "Dad there's a deer." Coming out of the woods into our field was a button buck so I told him not to move, rotated his crossbow to the left on the shooting rail and turned off the safety. Since he was already standing he was in perfect shooting position. I said don't touch the trigger since safety was already off. The deer stopped at 20yds, he found it, put the dot on it and let it fly. The deer jumped and ran and Kody asked if he got it. I knew he smoked it because the arrow was stuck in the ground covered in blood. We hugged, high-fived, fist pumped and every other celebratory thing you can safely do in a stand. He then said, "Dad, my knees are shaking!!" I responded, "So are mine Bubba, so are mine!!" After getting down we/he had a very short 40 yd. track job. He was so excited, as was I. For those of you who read my 150" (?) Mr. Brow post, Kody now says he's ready for him, and with a little luck he just might smoke him too. I am so proud of my little guy and look forward to many more hunts with him. For those of you who always want info on the rage, this was the first kill for us with a crossbow and the rage 2 blade were just as awesome as they are out of my hoyt.


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That's a great story right there! Congrats to you guys. Definitely making the memories that you'll both have forever.


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Wow! My 6yr can't sit still to save his life. Congrats on his first deer and great memories for you two!


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Very Cool!
What a wonderful opp. you have given him as well as the bond.



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Wow that is pretty awesome... congrats to you and your son. The picture of him throwing up the peace sign is priceless!


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Congrats to that young man! Good job Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!