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9 is nice and black butt

Here is a best current pic of the 9 point I have been watching
Still not a great pic to show off his height or truely how wide he is
Either him or his brother the 10 point I have not gotten a pic of lately, will be on my hit list this fall :pickle: :pickle:

The other is a 1 1/2 year old I call black butt
Any idea of the cause ?

I fianly got some decent pic's in the woods this week
As the weeds had grown up on the trails
Currently I can't get a tractor in to mow till the beans are cut
So I atached the snow plow to the ATV and plowed the weeds on the paths
Worked pretty darn good on the weeds , the grass is another storry



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Nice 9... Def a high and tight kinda buck! The ghetto booty deer is either bald/sweaty/ or doesnt have a summer coat on his rear end
That Black Butt is bald lol.

I agree that is what it looks like when I zoom in

Just can't figure why
His skin or under coat is black

Last week ....maybe 2 weeks back
I saw him along the creek , while I was ground hog hunting
That is the first I either saw him , or the first I saw him after his butt turned black

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Nice deer. Zoomed in it almost looks like he has a nub on the left side near the end of the main beam that may grow as a g4.