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A sad 24 hours in Mercer county!

5 People were killed on US 127 in Mercer county in less than 24 hours in two accidents after the show storm hit. A Grandmother, Daughter(Mom), and 3 yr old son died, the daughter of the mom is in hosptial still. I drive this intersection all the time on my way to my hunting grounds. A month before this on the same route a mother and father died in a house fire leaving two very young children to live with their grandma.

The first accident about 16 hours before that involved a family that was driving(Father) and slid into the path of another car and the wife and unborn child were killed and 19 month daughter was in the hospital.lt's bad enough every one that died but the children just rip your heart out ...I have a three year old daughter and couldn't imagaine losing her, let alone both child, wife and future daughter.

I have to admit it gave me a very sick feeling in my stomach ad almost teared up.

Alot of things in life are minor and little compared to the big scheme in life. The one comforting factor is that they are in a better place.
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