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Advise in truck upgrade


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Just crossed 30K miles in the '20 Silverado 2500HD with the new model year gasser 6.6L. She's handled everything I've thrown at her and has not disappointed. I cannot compare it to my '14 or '01 Duramax's, it's just apples to oranges. I will say pal, ya worked hard and if ya want a diesel, get a diesel if it fits the bill. They are awesome to drive and you are set for whatever adventures await you and the Mrs. thru your golden years.

Overall avg. MPG showing on the dash calculator is 14.8 for lifetime. This is from the day I bought it, and includes daily driving, towing, idling, etc.. Hand calculation is .5-.75mpg lower than dash. Just put 1800+ miles on her and she had a hand calculated avg. MPG of 17.6.
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- 415 miles to MI and back on Saturday
- 250 miles to Columbus and back yesterday
- unloaded both ways

18.0 - 18.2 mpg hand calculated with the 6.6L GM gasser. Tiny little wheels and tyre's but gives ya sense of where things are at compared to the ol 6.0L😂. Still miss my Duramax's, but I have 0 complaints for a 3/4 ton gasser.


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And they better get off their ass and post some pictures!!!! 😂


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IKS....and it's sexy AF
Well guys, just bought my second yota in my life today. First one was a SR5 4x4 from Germain Toyota in C-bus off Brice RD exit. That was 1985!😳😂

I was seriously considering a couple lifted rigs on Net Direct out of FT Worth TX but was apprehensive of buying something so expensive without seeing it in person,touching it and driving it! Tons of great reviews vs the couple bad ones but just not for me. My wife started searching and found the one I just bought up in Lafayette IN just south of Chicago a ways and it looked and sounded like my dream truck.
It’s a 2021 Midnight Black Toyota Tundra 381 V8 in the 1794 Platinum trim pkg with only 4200 miles and change. 3.5” lift, 20” wheels and 35” tires. It rode and handle great on my 3 plus hour drive back home tonight. Traded in our 07 Ford Edge with 180K which was a solid vehicle but glad it’s no longer taking up space in our drive.
Without further ado, here’s the new member of our family…..🤗🤟🏻

The sales and financial team up there at Bob Rohrman Toyota were great to work with and Jed was great talking with during the test drive. He’s a hunter out of NB and killed several real nice bucks that he shared pics of on his phone. I told him to checkout our forum sometime and jump on in!

I got a feeling my 06 F-Fiddy is going to get jealous and give me the silent treatment awhile. Lol