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Alaska bound


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What a fantastic thread Dave!! Wow!!!

Never been there myself, but it's been on my bucket list for quite some time. Now you are my ''GO TOO' guy when I decide to pull the trigger!

I use to live in Montana during most of my military years. I absolutely loved it there. I'm hoping that I can convince the wife of retiring there some day maybe.

I have more photos somewhere, but I'd have to go on a scavenger hunt to find them. Anyhow, this one above is one of the most recent of many that I have readily available at the moment.

It's about 17 years old where we rode up into the northwestern parts of Yellowstone area in Wyoming. 'The Grand Teton Mountains' & 'The Sake River' are in the background. I have some good friends that live out there, just outside of Jackson Hole.

Definitely had my share of bear encounters, along with wild mustangs, antelope, bison, deer & elk back in the day. All kinds of birds of prey TOO. Also done a fair share of fishing for rainbows & sammon in the 'Missouri River' as well.

Like I said, I absolutely loved it out there. I past up a good job offer when I left the USAF that I kinda regret.

Currently reading many more threads, trying to catch up here on 'TOO'. This particular thread of yours is pretty darn cool! It revitalized one of my past dreams again with your awesome photographs!

Thanks so much for sharing!!! (y).
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That’s what we do here on TOO, try and take people along for the ride. Good or bad times, we all live it together. Some things in life ain’t worth doing alone, that’s where TOO fits in!

Glad you got to see it. If You Ain’t AMMO You Ain’t Shit!!! IYYAYAS!!!
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