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And another one...


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The Hills
fuck WalMart. open carrying is dumb as hell in this day and age. bravado. but fuck WalMart and anyone else who has a problem with law abiding citizens carrying legal firearms. they are the enemies of freedom.
Pretty much what I think. Shit when I'm walking in public I check to make sure my wallet is still there all the damn time. If I open carried in public I'd be worried as hell that someone was gonna try and do something dumb. Just brings so much attention, and I hate attention.
What really grinds my gears though is I can open carry down in a crowded public area but I cant open carry on my own property while bow hunting just because I'm hunting. Now that's ridiculous. Shouldnt have to go get a damn CCL to carry a weapon while bow hunting cause of all the asshat trespassers out there.
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