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Another day at work.


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Commentator is terrible. "At this site, you can see 55miles to the horizon." dang. Impressive line to read. Sounded like he was reading it to a 2 year old.

I am not "afraid" of heights. I do however give them the respect they deserve. As always, it is not the fall, it is the sudden stop at the bottom. 1700+' ??? Try going 105' on the aerial truck at the fire department on a windy day. Even on a "nice" day with a breeze it can get chilly at these such heights. Aerial truck extended all the way can be a bit nerve racking when it stops moving, yet keeps swaying 4-6' back and forth for awhile. I cannot imagine what it must feel like on top of this antenna. I will just sit back with TF eating Cheetos and applaud when he comes down!
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No quick way down?? I beg to differ..... I'd have to have a parachute strapped to my ass to get me up there... Not afraid of hieghts but I do have limitations lol :smiley_adfundum:
I couldn't stop watching, that was cool!
Bet they retire from that kind of work early.

When they got to the top the first man put on a piton to hook his safety hook into the second guy stuck the hook thru the hole, that is a safety violation......
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My gut reaction is "oh crap"

However, it's not really any more dangerous than a lot of the stuff I've done at work - falling from 40 feet is no different than 1700 (just how many hail mary's you can say on your way down). And no, sometimes I wasn't tied off.

The thing that cracks me up is that OSHA says that ladders have to have cages. Why? So I can get my arms torn off before I splat?


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I'm just fine in any tree stand but thats to much for me.

Guess I have to take up Base Jumping. Then I'd feel like I had a choice...


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The helmets. Why in the hell would you need a helmet at that height? If you fall from there, even the new NFL concussion helmets aren't gonna help much. I would think a rocket pack would be more appropriate. I barely made it to the end of this video. I almost threw up on my living room rug.:smiley_cleaning::smiley_cleaning:


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Boy you could really HOCK A MAJOR LOOGY on someone from up there!!! :banana::smiley_banana::pickle::smiley_carnaval:

Just sayin

And besides that I..... I wonder what kind of insurance premiums those guys pay? DANG!!!!
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