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ant problem

every year we get invaded by these lil buggers , and every year i put out different baits and ant traps to kill these lil buggers but they never seem to do any good . this year they are early and out in force i must have killed over thirty of them just last night . has any one had problem with ants in the house and what have you used to curb the problem


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NW Ohio Tundra
Funny you mention this, I am getting bombarded with them right now also. I am going to the hardware today to get some ant poison. Last night I sprayed them with kitchen cleaner and it killed them dead.


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Sunbury, OH
The pellets that you spread around the perimeter of your home have worked well for me in the past. They are trying to get out of the rain...



The Crew
You have to walk around the house on the outside, they can be hard to detect but they will trail in and out of the house. Spray the outside wall entry points and try and find the nesting area. Of course that is for certain ants like sweet eaters and hope you do not have a wood ant. Wood ants will hole up in anything. I found a nest in my back steel door in the insulation foam. Had to remove the door and take the bottom cap off and soak the foam to kill them. Since then I have replaced the whole back door and slider doors.


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NW Ohio
We have been dealing with them this year as well. Makes it tough to spray the perimeter of the house when it rains every freaking day! I bought some stuff at Ace Hardware and it seems to have put a good dent on them. We are just seeing one here and there now. The first day I saw any I bet there were a hundred of them. Box said it could take up to two weeks to be fully effective. If so we should be over half way there.

Tree Monkey

NW ohio
Here is what I do.....I spray around the house all door openings and get an indoor spray and spray the inside of the house around the base boards and crawl space....then I set out ant traps in in the cabinets and crawl space....I spray around th house three times a year ...spring, mid summer and right before the temps start to drop in the fall. That's when the little buggers try to take refuge in the house for the winter.


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Massillon, Ohio
wife was doing an inspection at a school, a Lady brought cupcakes into school today for her kids birthday, to share with the other children....They had to call her and tell her that they threw them away because there were ants crawling out of them.....GROSS!!