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Any hens yet?


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Mt. Cory Hancock County
If alone, sautee in butter with a little salt, pepper. Garlic powder. I like to do like that and serve over a good grilled steak, Beef or deer. I made some up today with my stir fry. I've done them with deer roast, brown gravy, veggies. I prefer them over any other mushrooms ive ever had, including morels. Never had chanterelles though


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Licking Co.
I half-heartedly look for them in the fall, but I get pretty distracted trying to kill deer. :D this is the one fungus I've never found in an edible condition, and one I really want to try. I've heard they are as good as Chanterelles, better to some. I'll be happy to form my own opinion. bon appetite. (y)