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Baseball Journal

We are off to a rough start. 0-2 and this weather is just awful. Our second game was against OSU commit from Toronto. They are absolutely loaded. Their pitcher and centerfielder are both OSU commits and, when I talked to Beals in January (OSU Coach), he said the CF will get drafted and he won't even see him.
That CF hit two HR against us on Saturday and their pitcher was clocked at 89. Tough assignment after being in the gym for a week because of the weather. Needless to say, we didn't muster much offense.

Right now I'm starting 4 juniors and 5 sophs. However, Saturday a freshman was on the hill. My lone senior is out with a possible torn labrum in his throwing shoulder. So, we are in complete rebuild mode and it's gonna be a rough one.

Beside the OSU commit we saw Saturday, Our upcoming schedule has us against pitchers that are already committed to PITT, Kent State, Miami (Ohio), and Otterbein. It's a rich crop of arms this year in our area. Sadly, none are wearing our uniform.

On a personal note, Kody is a junior and our catcher. Klay is a soph and our CF/SS/P.

Hopefully the weather breaks and we can get in a groove.
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My son's team hasn't played even a scrimmage yet but that's mostly because of all this crappy weather. Looking forward to being a decent year. They'll get their lumps early as usual but the boys all listen and work hard so hopefully they all get up to speed quick. Now it's time to brag a little. My daughter is in her first season with her community college team (junior college). They played quite a few games in Florida and have played about 8 games up here so far this season. She plays 3rd mostly but they will move her over to SS if they have a fire to put out there. Knock on wood for the rest of the season.....her fielding % is at 1.000 and her batting average is .588! Not bad for a girl who used to struggle at hitting back in the day.


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....so far we've had 2 practices outside....

...tonight... pitcher's and catchers report in the school gym after school.

...tomorrow... its batting practice (cages) at an indoor facility for the whole team.

We'll get these boys ready for Saturday's double header one way or another.
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