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Basement trouble.


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I noticed quite a bit of water in the basement this morning before work. I left work after tying up a few things and started to look for the source. I found that the PVS that the pedestal pump is attached to, cracked right outside the house foundation about three feet below the surface. I found a large crater, water filled hole that fills up every time the sump kicks on. The water is settling behind the foundation and coming back in! I installed a temporary sump with a hole than runs out to the front lawn. My question is does that pipe run out to the residential sewer line straight from that point or does it make a 90 degree turn down to the footing? The problem is temporarily solved, but it needs to get fixed and soon!


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I doubt that it runs back into the footer, since that's where the water is being pumped from in the first place. And typically, footer drain water is not pumped into a sanitary sewer line because it's not wastewater. More often than not it goes out to a swale in your yard, a road ditch, or into the storm sewer along the street. My suggestion would be to just cut the section out that's cracked, and solvent weld a new piece in there with couplings... that way it discharges right to where it did originally.
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