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Big shout out to Stanislawski Releases and Copper John Products!


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I'm a huge proponent of quality customer service, especially when dealing with my hunting equipment. I recently had a great experience with Kimberly Carner, the Office Manager for Copper John Corporation, parent/sister company to Stanislawski Releases. I felt it was my duty to “pass it forward” and relay my positive experience with everyone…

I purchased a Stan Shootoff Quattro two years ago and have loved it ever since the first dry fire! It is truly one of the finest pieces of archery equipment I have ever had the chance to handle. Understandably, I was pretty bummed out this winter when I realized my release was missing. In late March, I found my release lying at the base of the tree I was in the day I killed my buck… a full five months earlier! There was some minor surface rust and the release had lost some of its crispness; not bad for being under snow for nearly three months of the five!!!

I emailed Ms. Carner at Copper John about the condition of my release and that I would like to send it in for service. Within 30 minutes, I had a RMA# to serve as my work order and an address to ship the release. It cost me $7 for return shipping, and less than a week turn around, to have my release cured of it’s ailments. They took the release apart, replaced the internals, fasteners, and dowels. Then tested the release before returning it to me in “show case” condition.

I believe in buying quality equipment and receiving quality service when needed. Stanislawski releases are not for everyone’s budget, but they are amazing pieces of equipment and they’ve proven their customer service matches the quality of their products. Thanks again to Ms. Carner and the Copper John Corporation for their excellent work! You’ve earned a customer for life!!!
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Sunbury, OH
Thanks for passing that along. I am a fan also. I have a Copper John Sight I need to replace/fix because it is making a bit of noise. I like it so much that I can't make myself take it off. I would buy a new one but they changed the design a bit.

I have the stan shoot off quattro and another stan release for indoor i cant remember the name right now. They are great products. I did not know they were part of the copper john corp. I have never really cared for CJ sights but its good to know they have a good CS department.


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Great to hear that you had a good experience with them, Jesse. I took your advice last summer and also purchased a shootoff quatro... And of all the new bow related items I bought, it's probably my favorite. Definitely a great product!