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Blood is red, snow is white...


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Congrats man been thinking it was you on every thread that's started
Thanks for believing in me buddy!

Appreciate it guys. Kinda felt like it'd happen tonight and am very thankful it did. Just a backyard corn pile deer, but there's actually some fun twists in the story. Wasn't as easy as it may seem to some. Especially executing the shot. I owe Brock a bit thanks for his advice earlier this year on here about "enjoying aiming". It's a bit awkward to get drawn in that blind since it's so small. Then you have to fight the instinct to "level" your bow in your perspective looking out the window, so watching your bubble is huge. I spent a few extra seconds just enjoying the aiming and was completely surprised by the release. Milo drilled me years ago on the importance of watching the bubble and Brock really gave me a nice mantra for settling a pin in the pocket and letting it rip.


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South East Ohio
Wow man you did it again, you give yourself no credit but yet you continually produce mature deer!!! Glad to see a local have sucess and I'll be the first to say you and a very few more are still at it. Congrats on a well deserved stud! Bet the girls are as happy as you and way to make memories with a snow on!


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Anyone who has been laxed or doesn't believe yet: It really does only take one minute to change your whole season. Thing is, you need to be out there when that minute comes around. When you feel all the odds are against you, that is the time you need to go the most. Force yourself to get dressed and give it one more try! It's hard I know from experience. Boring, Miserable, Frustrating, Humiliating, and the list goes on and on...... But that ONE MINUTE when he shows up and you execute that shot, All the bad goes away and it all becomes well worth it! Actually the satisfaction level will be x2 or 3 because you put forth the extra effort to make it happen. Good Luck TO Anyone Who Gives It An Extra Go! My Next Guess is Cotty or Brian will be cashing in.....
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