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"A few quick things about the new app transition:

First and foremost, we are completing the migration to our new system in the overnight hours to reduce the impact on you, our customers.

Second, the new SPYPOINT app will replace the existing SPYPOINT LINK app in your respective device’s app store. The new app will fully replace the current version.

Thirdly, any potential interruption only applies to the mobile device app. During this time, you can still access your devices via the desktop webapp, at webapp.spypoint.com. The web app is not mobile compatible, as it is designed for desktop use.

Lastly, please understand that your cameras are not affected by the migration to our new app platform. They will continue taking and storing photos during this transition and all uploads will be available when you open the new app tomorrow morning.

Again, if you haven’t already enabled auto-updates in your device’s app store, doing so will help ensure a smooth transition to the latest mobile scouting solution from SPYPOINT."

....and may the odds be ever in your favor.