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Boogity boogity boogity


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Yeah...about that. I don’t have anything against ole happy, just never been behind him or against him. Is what it is kind of racer.



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Athens County
Was in Savannah yesterday and at dinner when the race was almost done, we'd been on the go all day and just relaxin waiting on the food when my son walked over too me, laid his phone down with the race on and 5 laps left... It was great watching Ryan Blaney do what his father could never accomplish.... His dad Dave came close a few times but always seemed snake bit at the end.... The first one he came close to with a few laps left a wheel fell off the car.... Pretty much set the tone for his career....

Ryan is a much better cup car driver than his dad.... Congrats too both he and the Wood brothers team on their first win together....

Rumors are running around that Penske wants him in a third car next season.... We'll see what happens....
️️ good shit

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Columbiana County
Ole Kyle held off Harvick for the win of what seems like a pretty uneventful race.

On too Bristol this weekend and that race is anything but boring lol....

Been to the spring race a few times and the summer race once at that track doesn’t have a bad seat in it.

If you’ve ever wanted to go to a race this is the place to pop your cherry lol....

My driver is currently 3rd in the point standings and hopefully he’ll be there of a little better after this weekend lol...

Full bore

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South Eastern Ohio
Glad TOO see Rowdy hold off the “Closer” for his first Cup win this year!
He’s been running pretty good this year so far.
It helped that Truex, Johnson, Keslowski and others were in that pile up TOO. Lol