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Wood Co.
What is your go to broadhead? Since day 1, I've used Rage two-blade, but I bought a pack of 100gr Slick Trick Magnums and a pack of 3-blade Rocket Ultimate Steels. The Rockets got the best rating from crossbowmen.com and I've head great things about the Slick Tricks.


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North Carolina
Thunderhead. .125's been using them for years and have gotten a lot of deer with them with really good results....


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Somewhere OHIO
100 grain Thunderheads

Diablo, i still have a couple 180 grain snuffers from back in the day lol. Talk about a heavy SOB to flig down range lmao.
For the bow , I shoot 100 gr 4 blade Muzzy
For the cross bow 3 blade Rage heads

IMO what ever shoots well out of your set up
As I feel shot placement is the most important part



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100 grain slick tricks this past year. I'll be sticking with those.

Used spitfire expandables in the past. One year good. The following year it never opened. Had a pass through but the blades were closed when I found the arrow right at the impact site. It wasn't pulled out. It was a pass through. How did it not open? It cost me a great 10 pointer.


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I bought a pack of Steelforce Phatheads last season and had pretty good results with them. Scary-sharp and fly like bullets. I'm considering upgrading to the Phathead SOBs this year, though, for a little bit extra cutting diameter. I've had great success with G5 Tekan IIs in the past also.

DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
Used Rage 2-blades for a couple of years. Switched to 100gr Slick Trick Mags this year and had lots of success. Will probably go back to Slick Tricks again this year.


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Central Ohio
I've been shooting 3 blade Rage the past few seasons, and while I haven't had any issues, I'm thinking about moving to fixed blades this season. Just a personal thought on reducing the amount of mechanical stuff on my hunting setup to simplify things. The list I've narrowed it down to are the Innerloc Carbon Tuners, 1" Slick Tricks, or the Muzzy MX-4.... decisions, decisions.

But like John said, it's all about shot placement, not matter what pointy thing is on the end of your arrow.