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Brock/Mason, 2017


*Supporting Member*
SW Ohio
So friggin awesome Brock! Great memory right there!

Ruger is a trip! He’s so excited about running he doesn’t know where he’s going to run to and could prolly really care less as long as his throttles wide open..:..:ROFLMAO:
Yeah, he covers ground. It's amazing to see him put the breaks on when he comes across a bird. My dad said he could use a dose of Ridlin... lol. he is wound up and moving all the time.
Yes really good cool,
I was lucky enough to be raised by a hunter. There where no deer back then we hunted quail, grouse, pheasants, rabbits and squirrels. And in the 60’s getting permission and finding game was easy.
Times have really changed. I still hunt small game but there are no grouse and few pheasants.
It is really great you could get out and shoot some birds with your father.

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