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Brock/Mason, 2017

Baseball finished for us a week or so ago. That triggers the "Lets go find some deer instinct." Mason wasted no time. One of his friends came over to shoot bows the other day. He's a couple years older than Mason and has his license, so Mason talked him into taking him to a property to put up a cam while I was working. It's the same property where we chased "Tines and Beans" the last few years. I don't know for certain if we will be hunting there this year as the landowner is contemplating leasing it. There should still be a few nice ones around there if we do hunt it. Two in particular should be really interesting.
Anyway, Mason wasn't sure that he turned the cam on properly, so the day after he hung it we went to check it. All was well and we had pics of some does and this pretty buck. I'm guessing he isn't very old, but unlike recent years, Mason said he would shoot him and be done. Ha. I wouldn't be surprised if he does. We've hunted pretty much every minute of bowseason for the last several years. I haven't killed a buck for several years, and Mason has killed his the last week of January 2 of the last 3 seasons. Who knows, maybe this will be a short season for us...
Anyway, excited to get rolling again. Here are a couple pics from the first card check of the season. Incidentally, I had thrown a half of a salt block down at this spot about this time last year. Right now, that's the only reason we are getting pics there. I'll add apples or something soon.


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I hope you don't have to give that place up!

(I've got something for you again, let's see how long I carry it this time)
Not really. He gets multiple offers every year. Most of the farm is in an LLC. His son is trying to purchase the entire place. Even given the family deal, it will be a couple million to purchase, so the boy is looking at every revenue stream he can I don't blame him a bit.