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Busted A Coyote With My Bow Tonight!

DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
Posted this already in the TOO Kill Thread, but figured I would stick it here too!

Got in the stand about 4:45 PM tonight. Deer were already in the field a few hundred yards away. I got in quiet and was setup over some acorns, I had high hopes for the hunt. You could hear a pindrop up in the stand tonight, overcast weather...it just felt good!

About 6:15 I catch a glimpse of what I think is a deer moving against the standing corn field about 80 yards away from me. I see another... another.. another... finally I realize they are coyotes and there is a pack of 6!!!

It took me a minute to get my bearings together, then realize they are over 100 yds away running in the opposite direction. I frantically grab my primos can bleat in a last minute effort to atleast stop them and get a good look through the binos. I hit the call and they all lock up in their tracks. I hit it again... the back two in the pack turn toward me and show interest. I hit it a third and final time and the back coyote turn and heads right toward me.

I had ranged two shooting lanes from this direction, one at 38 and one at 25, outside of that it has to be right in my lap to take a shot. The yote is very skiddish anyway coming into the call I can tell, so when it gets to about 55 yards I come to full draw, when I drew it stopped for about 30 seconds (seemed like an hour). Finally it came up to the 38 yard window and I knew if I wanted to shoot it was now or never. So I let a 100 grain Rage 2-blade on a Goldtip XT Hunter arrow with a Lumenok fly.

SMACK!! Perfect hit! Smoked it, the yote went about 10 yards max and dropped. I was pumped!

My first yote and to harvest it with a bow icing on the cake, I was all jacked up. For those of you who have seen my earlier threads about the problems i've been having with yotes on my apple pile, you can understand my excitement!

So no deer tonight but a hunt I will always remember!

A few trail cam pics I have of the yotes earlier this month...

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NW Ohio
I can't wait to get one with my bow! Nice work. Do a little searching for "lip squeak". This could be your friend if you need to coax one in. Basically it is similar to kissing noises. Or if your name is Swantucky, it would be similar to your sucking noises.:smile: