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Calling all Master Baiters


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You know, for awhile Coonie made me feel guilty about putting corn out
Never feel guilty for doing something legal.

Hooter - thank you for a freaking laugh. My boss this summer heard me pullin into the shop at 5:58am, blaring something by 50 cent. He goes "why are you listenin to the coon tunes??" classic.


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Somewhere OHIO
Deer lick each other all the time. How would it matter if there mouths touch the same area when they eat? THey could spread disease by licking each other...............
Have you ever seen or heard how much a deer sneezes lol. I had a doe 15 yards from me on opening day and I think she licked her nose and sneezed about 5-6 times in 10 minutes lol. Besides the fact the bucks will be boinking the does in just a few weeks lol.

Montana is got hammered by Blue Tongue last year. I haven't heard anything about it out there this year yet. I guess it did a number on the Whitetails out there.