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Caught the SOB

My cousin and I hunt his dads farm
The last few weeks someone has tryed to steal 2 stands , cut fences and made a ATV path around the back side of the farm

So we fixed the fence and added 2 sections of 3/8 cable to reinforce the fence where it was cut ( tree to tree ) and pad locked it

Also we up up 15 no tresspassing signs along the road where the cut fence was

To see who was cutting the fence , my cousin put out 2 trail cams along the fence and 1 next one of my ladder stands

SO this AM my cousin checks the trail camera's and finds the fence is cut again and so are the pad locks holding up the 3/8 cable

He pulls the cards and watchs the SOB cut the fence ,2 youngsters rip down NO Tresspassing signs and try the cable
Only to have all 3 return later with bolt cutters to cut the lock and take the stand that the trail cam was covering

The original cards are now in the hands of the police and I undersand they took the signs that were riped down and fingerprinted them

The police are well aware of who the 3 are , a local want to be bad ass ( 19 ) and his 2 younger brothers

I am not exactly sure as to what charges well be filed
But I do know my uncle is going to press charges and file for a restraing order to keep them as far away form his farm as posible
He also is looking into sueing the 19 year old and the parents for his pound of flesh ....for the damages

Worst part , the police are holding onto the stand till the case is over

I wonder how long the police will hold onto my stand ?



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Make sure you tell the prosecutor No Fuggin Deals. I doan give 2 craps what their budget or population looks like. Throw the book at them. And if he doesn't, tell them you'll make damn sure everybody knows what a candy ass he and the judge is by taking out an add in the paper. You shouldn't have to sue. You are entitled to restitution set by the judge. It should be what you say it is. Not what's "fair".. I.E if they sold one of that stands and you can't get it back. If you say it was worth 200 bucks, that's what they pay.. None of this well i can get the stand cheaper from YYY and return it. NOPE. Here is what I say it costs. To include your time and labor, gas, and aggravation in having to buy, unpack, haul, and hang it back up.

Glad you caught them. Now put the screws to them. Don't trust the cops, prosecutor or judge to do their jobs. Make them do it.


The Happy Hunting Grounds Beyond
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Ashtabula, Ohio
Great Job my man!! Game trail cameras can come in handy for more then just "game".

Redcloud is going through the same shit you are, hope he has the same luck you have had. :smiley_bodyguard:


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You are not alone. I have had a trail camera stolen this year. One of my employees had a trail camera stolen which I had bought him as a bonus. Guys on the neighboring farm I hunt have had issues. I am narrowing it down and have footage of several different people that are not supposed to be there. We will get them. Glad everything played out and you were able to catch them in the act (on camera). What evidence you need to provide in regards to restitution will depend upon what court it goes through. Certainly keep any receipts from fence repairs, pad locks, and cable purchased. I would keep a log book of your time invested into the repairs as well. If it took 2 hours, then write it down along with the date of the repair. Make it almost like an invoice to yourself. Keep a good tally on everything and let your attorney go to town.


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That's great they got caught. Like jack said put the screws to them!

Myself personally I would have a hard time letting the law take care of it. I would handle it on a more covert level.

Wondering which one of his doings just bit him in the ass while laying half alive in the dark woods is a good way to make someone start acting like they was raised right.
Other than I am needed to sign some paper work about my stolen stand
I am not involved

It is better that way
As I have been known to loose my temper and say or do things that ............well are not in the best interest of peoples health as one snagger found out

My Uncle has been in touch with me and told me the 19 year old has been arested and after a seach
Has more problems than just the pending charges for tresspassing , theft , vandalism and destruction of privite property form doing the stupid stuff to us ( no clue just what )

As I understand it the 2 younger SOB's are also involved with what ever their older brother is involved in
And If it is who I am thinking , the parents are scum of the earth
So I am glad I live a hour or so away

The police have them
I ask , my cousin was going to copy the cards , but he turned them over before doing it

As I find out more
I will post the details
But as of right now
Everything is second hand



The Crew
Glad you caught them!
I would have downloaded the pics before giving the SD card to the cops. They do have a tendency to loose things.

Plus, I would have their picture put on a Christmas card and mail it to them.:smiley_bond:
This afternoon I got the update

Both brothers plead out to drug charges as they had a nice pot growing and selling project going

Full restation for damages and lose of property
I got my stand back and $100

As I understand it
They are talking about anything and anyone

Low life farther still is claiming he had no idea all funny plants the boys had growing in the basement were pot plants