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chew, snuff, chaw, dip, etc


Senior Member
1400 days as of this past Friday
I never kept track of the days, but I keep track of the anniversary. For me that is in July and will be 9 years this July. I keep track because the way I see it the longer I go the bigger the win. I'm really glad I shook that monkey off my back when I did. I have enough other shit wrong with me nowadays that I sure would not be able to manage it today. Good job, Dustin, and all the rest of you quitters. (y)


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SW Ohio
This Christmas and New Years will be 10 years for me and Ron. Never comes to my mind if if it was ever proven that it’s not bad for you I’d be doing it cuz it sure helped me keep the weight down and I didn’t eat as much cuz I had a dip in almost 2/3 of a day. Lol