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Cleveland Indians

Do you think most pro baseball players can throw a ball from 3rd base to 1st base, 127feet 3 3/8 inches, more accurately then you could shoot an arrow - always amazes me how those guys can throw - be close i think


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Mahoning Co.
nothing to see here. just another queerly sanctimonious, retarded woke millennial "journalist" with all the answers. fuck that guy and his idiotic, idealistic opinions on how you and I should perceive the world. probably still lives in his parents basement.

I wonder what he thinks of the actual slavery that is going on this very minute in China?
The article was satire.


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I'll just leave this here.



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I have never been a baseball fan. However, I can remember the name of the Indians being an issue over 20 years ago when I was in jr high and debates about changing it back then. It was only a matter of time.

I really don't give a shit about any professional sport or athlete at this point in my life. I have so many better things to do with my time than watch the TV.