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College Football Thread


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NW Ohio
Didn't get to watch much football. Just watched all the sports reports. What a whacky weekend. Seems like it was either a blow out or came down to the last play all across the nation. Tons of close games and bizarre finishes. Not sure I've seen more replays of fans in shock. 🤣

@Dustinb80 should be relieved ND finally got a win. Still tried to let them have a chance all the way down to the last play? Crazy stuff.
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Jamestown, OH
Where the hell did Tennessee come from. It’s been a few years since they were in any conversations. Watching them vs Florida and they look pretty solid.


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Sevyn Banks had one of the more serious injuries I've seen in football. I have t heard an update since they took him off the field. Looked like a neck injury or something. Stadium was silent for a while. Bad situation for everyone.

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My flashes just gave @bowhunter1023 and @5Cent’s Ohio house cats an ass whoppin
HA! Hate to break it to you, but I only attended 1 game in 4 years, 2 in my life, so it's only nominal bragging rights. I'm sure my wife will love it though being a Golden Flash herself.

You know the first thing a Bobcat does after a night on Court Street? Unzips and let's the golden flash flow 😂