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Cool old stuff

Guessi will start with the axes...cause why not.

Gilpin 4.5 lb tasminian pattern axe. This axe was made in Cannock, England and shipped to Australia no later than 1939. I traded some US double bits for it.

This collins 5 pound Connecticut pattern axe was made around the 1920's.


The collins legitmus brand axe is hard to date other than it was made before 1964 when mann edge tool bought out collins. However, the word legitmus and the hammer arm crown logo is one of our countries first trademarks.

This is a 1929 Sager Chemical 5 pound full peeling pattern. The Sager Chemical product line manufactured by Warren Axe and Tool PA are widely regarded as some of the ever made. It would have cost logger 6 dollars for just the head and no handle. That was almost a full days pay back then.


I picked this draw knife up and a garage sale. I didnt know the history behind it at the time but i did know it was unusual because it has adjustable handles. A little research on google doc's turned up the pattent drawing from 1855 submitted by Nobles Manufacturing NY. The plain KNM stamp dates this tool the 1870 to 1877 when the factory caught fire and never reopened. I use this draw knife whenever i make axe handles.