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Cool old stuff


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Davie County, NC
Was just up for a quick trip in Ohio too my buddies place. He has some really cool older stuff in his garage. I should have taken some pictures....
Warren County
When I lived in Columbus I owned several anvils. I sold all but one (the one I posted earlier) before we moved. I really regret selling them. One was a 240# Ajax :(

I picked up this old one half broken one very cheap. I preheated it and did a buildup with 7018, peened it between passes, and then put 3 layers of hardfacing rod on the top of that. I blended in with what was left of the tool steel on the heel and then ground / flap disked it smooth. Rebound was excellent when finished. I ended up giving this one to my dad - made his day. No pics of the process unfortunately, just the before and after.

I can't remember who the manufacturer was, but I'm pretty sure it was a Hay Budden. It was stamped King Howard but from my research, the story goes that the anvil makers would get drunk and stamp weird names on them sometimes. Don't know it that's true or not lol

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Licking Co.
got this old hatchet and meat mallet off of their old handles. had to remove a plethora of small nails and screws to get them off. and turned some curly ash firewood into blanks for a handle for each of these.




hatchet and mallet are soaking in vinegar. I'll use the mallet handle for a pattern and just replicate the old one. try and find a pattern for a hatchet handle with some contour. or draw one up if I need to. gonna do a search for info on the hatchet head. it either belonged to Nancy's dad, grandfather or great grandfather. thanks Nancy, that's a big friggin' help.:LOL:


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Licking Co.
I cannot find another Simmons claw hatchet of this style. only one that is close to this shape with a claw. I wonder if this one was modified? it it was, whoever did it shaped it like a pro.
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