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It all depends on the planned use. For camping and parties, RTIC 45 and 65 work great for me. For day trips and boating, or a quick trip to the beach, I really like my Yeti Hopper 20. For holding quartered deer parts you're gonna want something like 100-qt or bigger. My 65-qt just isn't quite big enough IMO.

These days, all of the big name coolers are awesome. You really can't go wrong. It's a Ford/Chevy type debate really.


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I've got 2 big Coleman coolers I bought at Walmart and they serve their purpose.. Been out on the boat all day come home and the cooler has sat in the boat for another day and still has ice and cold beer in it... No need for something high priced...
Rtic coolers are great for keeping meat FROZEN! After picking my processed deer up at the butcher in Ohio, I’ll throw a bag of ice on it and after a 8 1/2 hour trip home, not one package has thawed. I have the 65 and also the 20 for fishing trips and to get turkey meat home. Rtic coolers are about half of the price of Yeti, but just as good.