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Cotty at his first game


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That's when I learned that pouting always helps me get my way! :smiley_baby:
You know... I remember that like it was yesterday. I kept telling my dad, "I CALLED THE BALL!" :tantrum:
That jackass in front of me took it. :smiley_arrogant:
When the usher cam up and gave me the ball I just thought, "It's about time Mother F'er!" :smiley_boos:

I make the same face, cross my arms, and sit on the edge of the bed when my wife tells me "no" also. Works everytime :smiley_clap:

RD, you da man! That was a goot one!


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Nah. Cotty would have grabbed her by the back of the head and took that ball.


The Happy Hunting Grounds Beyond
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Ashtabula, Ohio
Cotty, I am laughing my ass off, great reply, I just see you doing the same thing when your wife cut's you off.