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  1. cotty16

    Cotty and Old Scout's 2013 Pics

    I plan on running at least one camera all year and figured I'd go ahead and start a new thread since there is lots of activity at our mineral spot. We have some bucks showing up and beginning to sprout. Got this great pic of a nice sized yote... What's up with the back legs of this...
  2. A


    hey man, how much rain you getting? we are getting pounded in Athens, Ill be up tomorrow, I am thinking my plots probably took a great jump start!
  3. Riverdude

    Happy aniversary cotty!

    Just want to say Happy Aniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Cotty!! You two kids enjoy your day and have a fun evening. :pickle: :smiley_bestwishes: :smiley_dancing:
  4. Riverdude

    Bring it Cotty...........

    Ok, bring on your best videos old timmer, lol. And all you other guys, jump in on the fun. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1T71PGd-J0
  5. brock ratcliff

    Yo Cotty- or anyone

    I will be coaching my 8 yr olds baseball team. Last year was his first year playing. I worked with him a good bit, and he improved dramatically over the season. Unfortunately, the league was short on coaches this year and last year's coach volunteered me.... Anyway, I can coach my kid...
  6. Riverdude


    Hey Cotty, my daughter sent me this link last night. The foot looping is one of the things I got her for Christmas when I was home, she is going to try and do this Guns and Roses song on the 12 string gutiar I got her also. Trying to talk her into leting me get her the electric violin, she...
  7. Schu72

    Hey Cotty.

    I'll be on Rt 7 south in a few minutes. If I knew where you were i'd blow the horn when we passed by.
  8. RedCloud

    Happy Birthday Cotty

    I hope you have a good day brother....well after school that is :smiley_crocodile:
  9. Riverdude

    Cotty at his first game

    Man this was hard to come across but I found a video of Cotty at his first major leauge game, poor little guy was out of town visting SF when I came across this. ( Mike is the youngster, lol ) http://sanfrancisco.giants.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=17080537&c_id=sf
  10. Riverdude

    This is for you Cotty.

    Here ya go Cotty, this one is for your Brother. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwhctLQKd7U&feature=related
  11. Tree Monkey

    hey cotty!!

    I know you would appreciate this ...just got my praxis test score back for an addtional license and passed ......so sweet but I hate that freaking test!!
  12. Dannmann801

    Hey Cotty Whatcha doin?

    Dude - you've got days and days off in a row.... Needless to say I'm insanely jealous....probably some other guys too.... How about a little play by play so that we can live vicariously thru you as we continue to drudge onward and propel the economy forward?:tantrum: