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Coyote Challenge 2018-19

I bought those back in 2003 and they have been on a lot of hunts. They are 10x42. One day they got knocked off the counter top and hit the floor. I about shit and was afraid to look through them. They landed on the edge of the bell which dented a little but the glass held. Below zero hunts with no fogging so I know they didn't leak. Oh and to answer your question? There great! I wanted the Swarovski's but they were out of my limit lol. Kahles is the sister company to Swarovski
That’s why I got the Kahles for my rifle....wanted a Swarovski also, but couldn’t stomach the cost. I’ll have to check out their binoculars.
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Walbridge oh
Seen the weirdest thing on the way to check it this morning. Every place there was blood on the snow one pissed on it along the whole drag path. I was like wtf she had to be in heat. I'm going to check it again before dark. I think there is a lot of daytime movement with the breeding season going on.