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Cutting the Cord: Eliminating cable or satellite...

Central Ohio
We have Sling and have liked it so far until they they stopped carrying Fox Sports Ohio this week. If they don’t get that ironed out by the time my subscription renews next month we’ll be switching to Hulu Live. FSO is they only way I can watch the Reds, Jackets, and Crew. Either way, both are cheaper than cable or satellite
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Soooo, we've been wanting to cut the cord as well and this evening I figured I'd give Hulu Live a try. From all appearances, Hulu has the channels I want. All I really ever watch for the most part is Fox New. The problem I'm encountering is, Fox News isn't coming up on the TV though it's advertised for my area. Not even showing on the screen listings, other than the online web site. I can get it on the phone app & laptop, but no go on the tube. Anyone else run in to something like this ?


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Mt. Cory Hancock County
I canceled DirectTV on Friday. Was gonna order Hulu this Friday. Bastards called me back today and offered me everything I have for less than $40 a month for the next 12 months, no contracts. So I took it. I feel used. Dude straight up told me to do the same thing next year and he guaranteed they'll throw me the same or a better deal. Once your contract is up, you hold all the leverage


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On my previous post, I did not know I needed a Roku to get all the channels to work. Two weeks ago , I cut the cord & all I can really say is that I wish I had done it sooner. Compared to my Dish bill, I'll be saving over $500 a year. It's a different way of living, so to speak, but I'll get use to it. The only hiccup we had was that some of the shows kept buffering. We have high speed internet, but I learned it wasn't enough, & Windstream bumped us up to 15 mbps w/ no charge compared to what we did have & I'm happy. They came out, ran new wiring & installed new router.Some people, including our neighbors reported not being able to get ABC, but we have no problems getting it, along with a million other apps full of channels it seems. I bought another Roku for the other tv we never used. One odd thing about those, was that one walmart had them for 21.00 & our other wallyworld wanted 35.00 for the same thing.


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Davie County, NC
Just canceled direct tv... Talk about a pain in the ass.... Much easier getting it hooked up vs canceling the idiots... Beat part of the whole thing, today’s the last day of the billing cycle 😂😂😂

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