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FYI CWD w/ Joe Rogan, Doug Duren & USGS


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Also found it interesting how they felt with mad cow...just don’t let the animals get old enough for the prion to show itself. WV will never see CWD with that kind of thinking.


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Just finished it. Can't say I learned much but I realize the average deer hunter absolutely would benefit from listening to this podcast. There's a ton of information packed into that 2 hours.

This is the first podcast I've viewed on Youtube. Had it going on the TV while I worked. It was nice to actually see firsthand the exchanges, gestures, and facial expressions during the discussion, instead of having to use my imagination while merely listening.
Ok. Here is my issue with them banning mineral sites or feeding of deer. They won't ban Grandma's birdfeeder that also attracts alot of deer and congregates them. Why? Because of policitical pressure from the bird people the policiticians would get crucified. If you are going to do it then it needs to be for everyone and not just hunters.