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Dad's buck from 1953


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Mahoning Co.
Found this picture of a buck my dad killed in 1953, first time there was a season around here. Mom doesn't look overly thrilled to be posing with it. :)

He got it in Columbiana county, Franklin Square area with a 16 gauge 97 Winchester.
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Cool pic Sam. Something to cherish and pass down the line.

She is probably not happy because it's in the kitchen like Joe said and on her kitchen chair and not to mention she probably had to hold that for 20min for the bird to etch the picture...ya know like the one on the Flintstones lmao.



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Columbiana County
Nice picture Sam, great history, but why was your Mom in the picture and not your Dad? Was he camera shy :smiley_clap: Is that the deer you told me about from down in Franklin square by the tracks? I remeber that story it was a good one lol....


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Mahoning Co.
Yes J that's the buck from the story. Not sure why he's not in the picture, maybe I just haven't found the picture with him in it yet.

As to why it's in the house I don't have a real good answer but I know the weather was bad, it had snowed a bunch and the creeks were frozen over. I would have thought he would have at least skinned it outside. One of my dad's older cousins told me a story of when she was a little girl visiting our house in the winter. There are 2 outside doors in the kitchen,my grandpa used a horse to drag a big log into the kitchen for the fire. He brought the horse in the one door and out the other. Maybe after seeing a horse in the kitchen my dad didn't think anything about bringing a deer in. :smiley_clap: