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Doggone good dog thread


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I will give you a word of advise from someone who blew it. Stay sober and enjoy your pup. I wish I had stayed sober so I could remember when my dogs were pups. I had a bit of a problem. Havent had much to drink to speak of in many years.

If you ever want ANY advice on what to start training that pup, please dont hesitate to ask. I have trained a lot of GSD and the like and I have helped many friends. Its things you wouldnt think of and its not the normal sit stay stuff. You can start right away. Train him now when its easy.


I cant help myself. I will give unsolicited advise 🤣. You and your wife will have to come up with a set of commands. 1 to 2 word commands. Do not deviate from those words. Example "Come" is come. Not "come here" or "hey come here" or anything else. Make a set of words and stick to them. Too many words causes confusion.

First. Start with a command for watch. No matter what he is doing you say that word and he is supposed to look directly at you. He then knows another command is coming. It is an attention grabber. Watch, look, eyes, something like that. Make sure it isnt a word you use very often because in normal talking he will get confused. When you use your chosen word and he looks at you, make sure you have treats. The second he looks at you, give him his reward word. Put a treat at your side and make him come to you. Dont reach out your hand. Make him come to you! This is probably the most benecicial command and is overlooked. This prevents using many words when you want his attention. Hey stop, dont do that, knock it off. If you say your attention grabber and you have done it right. He WILL stop and look at you....THEN you tell him to stop doing what he is doing. Think of it as your wife...when mine talks I dont listen. When she angrily says..."fucking look at me" Thats when I stop and look. Same concept!

2nd word - reward word. This is different from a reinforcement word. Reward is just that. He is getting a treat or high value toy. YES, (I dont use good, because that is my reinforcement word). I use good as reinforcement. Thats later so he continues doing what I want him to. Mainly heeling. As he is heeling I tell him good...that means keep doing it! YES means he is done healing and is getting a reward that I hold at my side.

NOW, if he is doing something bad...you dont want to use WATCH and he looks at you and you yell at him for doing bad. Thats counter productive. Only yell at him and dont use that watch command in that way. You can later on, but inutially, only reinforce the look
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