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Dual Propane Tank Regulator with Auto switch over

Ok. Long story short. At our cabin we use propane for a tankless hot water heater, cook stove, and also a direct vent propane heater. In addition we also use wood heat when it gets cold and we are in the cabin. This past winter I got by using a couple of 20lb tanks but it seemed like I constantly had to fill them. Also it was a pain if it ran out of propane at 2 in the morning which is usually when it did. Anyway for the last several months I have gone round and round in my mind about what to do. I thought about getting a large tank and getting propane delivered, or getting a couple of 100# tanks, or going with a couple of 40# tanks.

Anyway I have kind ruled out the large tank because the propane places want you to use a certain amount every year or you pay more for the tank. Depending on when we are there and the weather I don't think we will use enough.

The 100# tanks would be a pain to go get filled. You aren't supposed to lay them down to haul them. Since I have a cap on my truck all the time, this means I would have to use my trailer which I don't always have with me. Also my wife wouldn't be able to horse them around.

This left me with the option of going with 2-40# tanks. While this would result in the least amount of propane on tap it does offer some advantages. They are small enough that I can haul them properly and the wife could too if she needs to.. From this past winter during a really cold spell in which I didn't use wood heat, I know that the heater will run for 24 hrs (solid running) on a 20# tank. This is rare that it would be that cold and the cabin will be sealed up better by this winter as well. What my thought is that I will get 2-40# tanks and then have a dual regulator that automatically switches from the empty to the full. I figure even in the coldest weather, I would be able to get 4 days without getting anything refilled. Will still have a 20# available there as well so that would get me 5 days. Only during my vacation in November do we spend a solid week at camp during the winter. Usually it is just weekends or the occasional 3-4 day weekend. During November it isn't that cold so I would likely get way more than 5 days out of my setup. Also if I am burning some wood that would help as well.

I guess so much for my long story short. LOL. Well my question is, I am considering getting something like this for the regulator. Does anyone have this on their RV and have any recommendations for brand?


Also at camp their is a TSC that is only 15 miles or so away that fills tanks and we usually are running down that way at some point either to go to Walmart or Wings etc.


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That looked like more work then I wanted to get into. Maybe if it’s been 20 years of no problems, I’d go dig into it more.
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