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Electronic Hearing Protection

Long story short I am looking at buying some electronic hearing protection to wear when hunting. I have tinnitus already pretty good in both ears from abuse and have decided that I need to do something to not lose anymore hearing. I have tried using conventional ear plugs but they are a pain to try and put in right before the shot especially if hunting in the woods where you want to be able to hear. Anyone have any recommendations? There are a bunch out there to chose from.
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I have 3 pairs of these (paid less than $40 each) and have zero complaints. Comfortable, work like they should, and seem to last long enough for the $.

Screenshot_20210224-205613_Amazon Shopping.jpg
I've been needing to get on board with this for a while now. Definitely having hearing issues and not just because I'm ignoring the wife LOL! If someone is talking while the TV is on I might as well turn it off these days. Jenna has really embraced the need for hearing protection. The buck she shot this year she put on ear muffs before she picked up the gun. Dad on the other hand was tough and had a good ring in his ear as she shot out the window next to me 🤦‍♂️
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Has anyone tried the small ear piece instead of the muffs. Thinking they may be nicer when wearing a beanie but they are more expensive. Some of the ones above look slim so maybe wearing a beanie over them wouldn’t be an issue.