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Empty handed but it was a good day


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North Central Ohio
I got into the stand at 6am and just before daylight had a coon walk down the field edge. Seen plenty of fox squirrels,reds, and a few chipmunks. Plenty of birds all day..Turkey Vulture, Red tailed Hawks,cardinals to name a few. I also seen a doe and her young still faintly spotted fawn that I have seen on trail cam pics at 9am this morning. I was just about to stand up and draw back on her when she first walked in and about the time I stood up her fawn came running in still sporting little dots lol. I figure since we have a few other does on cam that was fatter and fawnless I would spar her. Then they returned around 5:30 this evening to tempt fate yet again for the day lol. Well a post is worthless without pics so I'll post one of her and her fawn from not too long ago.

I hope everybody else had a good day out in the woods.


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When you mean pass out of mercy, all I read is "save for Capt Ernie". Glad you had some luck on that farm. It would have been a nice day to get out and seein critters is a plus.

[I have been waiting all day to read this!]


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NE Ohio
Rdude and I have the same deal... Doe w/ fawn=pass
Loner doe is a dead deer

Sounds like a good day afield there RC


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Shermans Dale, PA
Early season I'd pass on a doe with a fawn, but as soon as those spots are gone....... TWANGNGGNNGNG>>>THUD,,,,,crash, snap, crash...... Loud THUD..... Thrash, thrash....... silence...............


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Southeast Ohio
At least you had a sighting yesterday. We pretty much got skunked. If not for the dogs running a doe by our stand yesterday morning, we wouldn't have seen a single deer.