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Finally found good Tire prices


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Massillon, Ohio
So I finally got to calling around and ordering my tires. I feel bad cause the one place I ordered from got the tires in and I am going to another place and didnt get to call and have them cancel before this morning. It was too late, she got them in and she is a little peturbed about it, but thats the nature of owning a business I guess. They are pretty popular so she will sell them quickly I'm sure.

Tri-County Tire in Navarre, Ohio
Cooper Zeon LTZ 275/60/20 = 911.16 installed
Tri County couldn't get the Cooper Discoverer A/T3 I was looking at.

Dalton auto Service in Dalton, Ohio
Cooper Discoverer A/T3 275/60/20 = 881.56 Installed
Dalton couldn't get the Zeons.

So all day yesterday I went back and forth on which ones I wanted. It was a pain. To me it was a big decision because for 1. how much they cost, and 2. They need to look sweet! LOL

So I eneded up going with the Zeons. I think they will do great for me. I'm still a little torn, but I think I made the right choice.



The rims in the picture of the A/T3 really make those tires pop...


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North Carolina
I can vouch for the Discoverer A/T I'm on my second set, and they are good in the mud as well as the snow. Once they start getting close to being worn out the take off traction is shitty but you'll see that with most A/T style tires....


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Massillon, Ohio
Those prices are mtg and balancing included....

I have heard good stuff about the Discovery AT they have this is a new style they just came out with