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Finelyshedded and Fullbore shed finds of 2016-2017 season


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SW Ohio
Ron found his first shed of the year since this past winter/spring shed hunting season. It's not a freshy but it's in pretty good shape. He found it about 15 yards from our hunting cabin. Lol

Said it tapes around 60" i think.


Full bore

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South Eastern Ohio
No lawnmower damage? How'd you miss that one?
Well Ben, we have a neighbor of our property bushhog the area around our cabin. However, that side of the cabin doesn't get as much attention as the rest of it. Our cabin sets on a point and there's honeysuckle below it that gets a lot of sun light during the day. It's a good place for deer to bed and to be quite honest. Ric and I didn't do much shed hunting over there. I did hunt that point once and found 2 that day. Plus I think it was a late dropper too.