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first deer

well my buddy stuck with it , didnt get a shot all gun season till today , and he got his first deer ever , last year my other buddy got his first deer , both of them are part of team uglykat , from what i could understand , he was talking 90 mile an hour , her and 3 others came in across the hill about 135 yards , she was the first one to give him a shot , one shot one kill , ok maybe two shots he had to put one in her head to kill her , it was a high chest shot , but im still proud of him

he has been practing as much as possible in his free time , he told me i hadnt got to pull the trigger this year and i was pulling the trigger on this one weather i hit her or miss her , i still got to pull the trigger on a deer....lol , he has his muzzy sighted in for 100 yards , i think he held a little high , he hit her right below the spine , then put another in her for a quick kill cause she was paralized he wants to do a foot gun rack mount with her feet so if any one knows of anyplace close lemme know