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  1. Jthess05

    Need Help Identifying what section this deer hair came from

    really could use some help/opinions on this ! Last Night I made a 40 yard shot on a monster 10 point, I am almost certain I weaved... I climbed down from the stand at dark and found my arrow into a tree with this pinned into it, a tiny speck of blood and that’s it! The deer looked around and...
  2. K

    Hunting spots in Findlay

    Hi everyone, I am new to Findlay, OH and was wondering if anybody knew of any good public hunting spots in the Findlay area? Thanks for the help!
  3. Mike

    Blowing out deer

    I was just wondering what you guys do in the early AM if you bump deer on the way to your stand and they start snorting at you. I've done this a few times over the past five years and it really kills my confidence. What's your next move?
  4. bthompson1004

    tonk's deer survey

    just received the email to fill out the survey again...haven't looked at it yet...who else got one?
  5. huntn2

    2013 - 2014 The Ohio Outdoors Deer Hunting Contest - Alternates Sign-up

    This thread is for contest alternates to sign-up if they missed our deadline. If a contest participant doesn't sign in with their team by next Saturday, they will be replaced with an alternate. Additionally, for each 5 alternates, I will create an additional contest team. First on the list...
  6. huntn2

    2013 - 2014 The Ohio Outdoors Deer Contest Rules

    Official 2013 - 2014 TOO Deer Competition TOO Deer Competition Rules General Rules: •A minimum of 50 posts are required to participate •Teams will be randomly drawn 9/14/2012 •A hunter may submit a total of 2 deer in the contest but only 1 may be antlered •All deer harvested during...
  7. huntn2

    2013 - 2014 TOO Deer Contest Team Assignments

    Alright fellow TOOzers. Below are the team assignments for the 2013 – 2014 TOO Deer Hunting Competition. Please create your own team thread within the “2013/14 Ohio Deer Hunting Contest” Forum. If everyone can check-in within their respective team threads ASAP it will be appreciated. Deadline...
  8. themedic

    Nebraska Mule Deer

    Hopefully, by the time many of you read this I will be on my way across the country to the sandhill region of North-Western Nebraska. This will be my third straight year in this part of the country in pursuit of a mule deer buck. Last year, as some of you may remember, I hunted in South Dakota...
  9. RedCloud

    So you Know Deer? Quiz Time

    http://www.realtree.com/quiz/the-quiz-of-deer-hunting-myths You got 12 of 13 possible points. Your score: 92 % Stupid Q #11 anyway lmao
  10. CJD3

    Deer calls

    Over the years I have ended up with several grunt tubes. Some are multi/adjustable, buck,doe and fawn. Some are specific doe or buck. I was thinking of replacing them with a new one and was wondering if anyone feels strongly about one of theirs... Any endorsements on deer calls?
  11. W

    BEAR for DEER

    Just checking to see if anyone was interrested in trading a Black Bear hunt in wva for a Deer hunt in OHIO
  12. MQ1-Z7

    Our spring food and deer plot

    I was out in the plot today and Here are some pics of our food plot i planted this late spring, Not many farmers close to here plant clover anymore and clover is a big part of the diet that they just dont get most places and it will last 5 to 8 years which will then give time for the trees to...
  13. Bowlowe

    Gettin her ready for deer bow season

    Out today doin a little shootin making sure the bows are dialed in ( we shoot all year long ). Set up a 3d course with targets ranging from 20 to 40 yds plus the ladder stand. Snapped this picture of my wife shooting. Got our spot set up first of august, been getting some decent trail cam...
  14. Hortontoter

    Pressured Deer Pro Bill Vale Videos

    Was watching a few of his videos today. Anyone belong to his site? If so what do you think of his approach. Is it worth the $$ to see all his videos?
  15. G

    Help! Need Deer Blood To Train Recovery Dog

    Hi Guys, I have a need to train my GSP to blood trail wounded deer to recover them. To do so, I need deer blood. If anyone you know has a nuisance ticket they are going to use and would be willing to help, I'd really, really appreciate putting us together. I just need 2 or 3 film...
  16. Rutin

    Deer Creek blind WINNER!

    I took leave from work in hopes I could draw a blind for me and the pup to hunt this year if need be since we just moved and don't have anything near the house. With only 14 spots and about 80 people there I got drawn FIRST!!!! Got a real nice spot right next to the damn on a point where there...
  17. Bigslam51

    Tampon deer lure

    My boss at work today was telling me that hanging a used bloody tampon from a tree will attract bucks. Just wondering if anyone has ever tried this nasty trick and if it works or not.
  18. Johnch

    Deer Cam Pic's

    I figured I would give you guys a laugh for the day I went out to pull the cards from the 2 cameras in the woods behind my house Early I had the normal doe's and fawns Then a group of bucks started going past 1 camera Just as the racks started to grow So did a weed inbetween the...
  19. M

    The deer are at it again

    As I have mentioned before I basically pasture my whole farm for cattle. I have installed 6 strands of high tension wire on metal T-post every 15 ft. and wood corner post. I learnt yrs. ago by turning every other T-post the opposite direction when a deer runs into the wire they only take out one...
  20. oakswamper

    daughter has a deer problem

    My daughter has been bitchin her garden has been gettin tore up by something. I haven't had time to get over there cause I'm busy trying to get the bar open so this mornin she sends me this pic lol. She says this was the smallest of 3 bucks that was in her garden, she is also mad cause one of...