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First Trail cam...

My wife got me my first game cam for christmas 2010.Its not top of the line..An may be a better "feeder cam"Then trail cam.Due to the trigger speed etc..Its a Moultrie D50.5 megpix with flash..But she got it new for like 59$...I put it an some corn out around mid Jan..An left it out til end of season..I got tons of pics.I would say about 500 pics total in pover 3 weeks an still had 60% battery life..An that was through those cold below zero days..Major Ice etc etc. i couldnt get a shot with my bow.On the few sits i did get to do..I figured i would show a few pics..An maybe see what yall thought this deer COULD score next year..He isnt nearly as big as what most yall harvest on here..But i woulda shot him



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130 next year if he gains 10-15 inches which isnt hard to do. Cool to see him in the daytime. Goodluck with his sheds!


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NW Ohio
Don't downplay him bud. That is a nice deer. Were there some studs put down from guys on this site? Yep. Not everyone gets a booner here though. I didn't. Uglykat didn't. Post away. Nice deer. as stated, good luck finding the sheds.


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First off, congrats on getting a trail cam... welcome to a new addiction! Like the others here have said, that is a very nice buck. IMO, he's a solid 2.5 yr old at this point. I don't think low-to-mid 130's next year would be a stretch at all. Definitely keep your eyes out for him because I think he'll be a nice one!