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FOR SALE FS Marlin M375 lever actin rifle.


Junior Member
SE Ohio
Selling one of my Marlin M375s chambered for the .375 Winchester. Rifle has a Simmons 3x9x40 Prohunter scope. Action is very slick with a good trigger pull. Bore is great, shines like a mirror, no pitting at all. Right side of receiver has one marred screw head for the loading gate shown in pic. Left side of receiver is fine, smear is oil in the pic. Fore end has a mark on it shown in pic. Butt stock has a mark on it shown in pic. Half way down the barrel is old water or blood stain, not rusty. Trying to show all blems so that there are no surprises. This is my cast bullet shooter and will shoot one inch groups at 100 yards on a lucky day. Shoots jacketed ammo just fine. Need $585.00, no trades. Will do face to face in Ohio.



Bass Whisperer
Supporting Member
North Carolina
Nice looking gun Fred, I just have no use for one in that caliber.... Hoping you have good luck selling it....