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Funny story from this morning

JD Boyd

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I had Joe and a couple of my other buddies turkey hunting this morning. Joe and my buddy steve sat down first at there spots. My buddy Jason and I sit close to each other and its getting to be around 6 and all the sudden a foot away from me I hear a heck of a noise right beside me. I'm talking inches away... I had a feeling I knew what it was. So I moved. Well I move about 15-20 yards to the east and I no more than sit down and there is gobbli 40 yards in front of me. Ends up being around 8-10 birds or so. They all fly down I have a jake come within 5 yards of me then start puttin. Have a 2 year old tom come to 7 yards of me. So they all move along and we decide to get up. I start walking toward the other guys and all the sudden a big bird takes off where I was sitting. It was a buzzard. You guessed it.... I was inches away from being plastered with buzzard shit!!!Would'nt that of been a story for Joe to tell....rotflmao


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I was sitting back behind JD about 20 yards before daylight. I wasn't carrying a gun after yesterdays success so i planned to move back and call if the bird got hung up... The sun cracked the horizon? :smiley_confused_vra Fugg did JD go? He was right there.... hummmm.. lol.... I'm looking around. I see Steve and Jason... No JD... A bird gobbles about 80 yards to my 10 o'clock. He gobbles again.. A doe winded us to our right and starts blowing.. :smiley_boos: About the third blow in 5 minutes i get tired of it.. I crawl back about 20 yards, get up and walk over to push her off.. I sneak back in to my spot and the bird starts gobbling again. Three birds pitched and flew over my head into the field. The big tom pitched straight down. Then this loudmouth whore of a hen starts yapping and towed that tom away from us.. About that time i hear a gobble behind me so close it sounds like he's in my back pocket. I turn my head slowly as jason 20 yards in front of me calls. The bird gobbles again about 10 yards to my left. He was walking directly at me! I thought i was going to be able to catch him with my hands. lmao. The older tom that was walking away with the whore hens gobbles about 150 yards away.. That tom beside me perked up, turned on a dime, and headed it's direction.. I didn't know where but JD had moved left and was right in that birds path.. The question is.. What kind of tom abandons a hen 20 yards in front of him to go 150 yards the opposite directions to another gobbling tom? Queer ass turkey! He had about a 7 inch beard on him i guess. JD and i go to leave and there are three hens and 2 jakes in the field.. Why didn't that tom stay in the field and kick those jakes butts for those hens? Yep.. A sissy ass queer turkey!

Had a great time running and gunning with Jd and his buddy Jason. I can see why JD say's he doesn't see a deer population problem in his area. Everywhere we tried to sneak in on toms, we had to go around deer and hope they didn't run towards the toms. Thanks again buddy. Had a blast. The only thing that would have made it better is if that buzzard would have got you. I think i would still be there laughing, You'd still be there cussing, and that tom would be halfway to the next county from all the commotion. lmao