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  1. Ohiosam

    Hank learned this morning...

    why you don't mess with skunks. :frown:
  2. JPN

    Awesome morning

    I had an awesome hunt this morning with my cousin Marcus (Mao). We set up on the edge of a field where the birds were yesterday hoping they would still be around. As it got light we didn't hear anything and were getting a little worried. A few minutes later one gobbled about 80 yards away...
  3. "J"

    Morning project

    Spent the morning doing some reloading .243 working a load up too fine tune the old varmint gun....
  4. CJD3

    Great morning...

    Riverdude and I had a great morning fishing about 10 miles out on Lake Erie for Walleye until the storms chased us in. We went out with Capt. Art Miller and the Lucky Strike! http://www.lakeeriecaptain.com/ http://www.lake-erie-walleye-fishing-charters.com/ I highly recommend him. We had a...
  5. bthompson1004

    Roadkill buck this morning

    A nice buck decided to take on a Cadillac this morning in my area...and the buck lost...laying on the side of the road still kicking....2 sheriffs cars were on the scene...I asked if they were going to dispatch the deer and he responded with a yes....If I wasn't on my way to work I prbly would...
  6. Big H

    Exciting Morning

    With everything going on with my wife, I knew it would be tough to get out, so I needed to pick good days to get in the woods. Tuesday night after looking at the weather, I decided that I would get up early and head to our property in Jefferson county. I told the girls I would be waking them...
  7. aholdren

    Catholic Coffee Morning in Rome

    Four old Catholic men and a Catholic woman were having coffee in St. Peters Square . The first Catholic man tells his friends, "My son is a priest, when he walks into a room, everyone calls him 'Father'." The second Catholic man chirps, "My son is a Bishop. When he walks into a room...
  8. dante322

    Nice surprise this morning.

    had the day off today, so I got up early and went to the woods to listen for gobblers at fly down. I was standing next to the tree that redcloud killed his buck out of last sept looking out over a pasture when i noticed movement on the far side, in the area of his trail cam. Turned out to be...
  9. Johnch

    Youth duck opening morning

    I took my nephew out this AM to the club , as we had a youth hunt 4 Youth this AM , 6 Sunday AM and then a pheasant hunt after the AM hunt Pic's to follow , as they are supposed to email me the pic's The blind we hunted Is great to hunt , but it has 2' of water and 2' of muck under...
  10. U

    my buddys opening morning buck

    hellova first morning buck
  11. twireman

    Two bucks in early morning fog...

    Thought these were pretty cool pictures in early morning fog...enjoy!
  12. Gern186

    Hit my first deer this morning

    I was on my way into work this morning and went around a curve and had no time to react to the 2 bucks that were entering the highway from the right side of the road.....I swerved to avoid the first one and he made it across, but the 2nd deer just ducked his head and ran directly into the side...
  13. aholdren

    Easter Morning Loudmouth ...........................gets a ride in the truck.

    After hunting two days with my mom, and her not filling her tag and not being able to hunt until next week, I decided to try my chance with a bow Friday and the closest birds were a good way's off and were going to have to be chased another day, SUNDAY morning..... Since it was Easter I knew I...
  14. JD Boyd

    Funny story from this morning

    I had Joe and a couple of my other buddies turkey hunting this morning. Joe and my buddy steve sat down first at there spots. My buddy Jason and I sit close to each other and its getting to be around 6 and all the sudden a foot away from me I hear a heck of a noise right beside me. I'm talking...
  15. JPN

    opening morning tom

    This morning started out with gobbling everywhere, but they were all at least 100 yards away. As it got light I realized I had set up right under 4 hens. They were getting pretty fired up, so I was thought they might bring the toms my way. Unfortunatley they flew down and went the wrong way...
  16. JD Boyd

    Gobblin this morning

    The warm weather we have finnally gotten has triggered them fellows. Get out and start scouting...
  17. Riverdude

    Why did Morning Geezer thread get locked?

    Why did the "Morning Geezer" thread get locked down? :tantrum:
  18. C

    After em in the morning

    This is probably the kiss of death by posting pre hunt but we are gonna get out and try and wack a few birds in the morning. It gonna be sickening having to watch the ducks land in the field probably but I invited enough guys we will hopefully stack up the geese....Like I said...I probably just...
  19. Tree Monkey

    just couldn't make myself pull back this morning....

    Went out to the bowhunt only woods in my new set up with the fixed stand chad gave me. Set it about 15 yds off a trail and close to were I had a chance at a doe last week. About 9:00 am I see a deer making its way to me so I get ready and see antlers about this time my heart is pumping and I get...
  20. Mao

    New Year's Eve Morning

    We had an awesome morning yesterday. Ducks were flying everywhere. Good time!!!