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Fury’s garage/man cave project


Got 33 boards polyurethaned...two coats, 89 more boards to go. Got the counter top and sink put in (plumbers coming Wednesday) to connect ten gallon hot water heater and run water to it. Used that plastic board deck material for a counter top for the mini fridge and microwave. Painted the bar room floor with a dark gray non slip paint. Got the air conditioner in. I am able to put 33 boards across a few horses I got set up and put one coat on...then after about five hours of drying, I put the second coat on. In the morning I’ll take the 33 boards down and stack them off to the side and put another 33 on the horses. Looking at another 3 days of that shit before I have all 122 boards done. The electrician is supposed to come out next Wednesday through Friday, then I can insulate and put up the pine boards.
Love it Sgt! After seeing the koi pond, plants, gazebo, I'd love to see more pictures around the shop, looks very relaxing.

And thats a good friend with that table/bench gift!
Thanks, after I’m done with the garage, I’ll post more pics then maybe post some in general of the properties layout. Every year we tried to do at least ONE thing that would make the place better....built barn one year, bought gazebo, put in asphalt driveway, built koi pond, got a whole house generator. After 20 years, it all came together!😂