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Give me a second to vent and say WTF!


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SW Ohio
I know you all are having your set backs but let me share a few of mine. I have one cam down here in the SW where I've been running on a farm that I got permission to hunt. Bad news is apparently several other hunters do to............as I'm finding out! First off my cam was not working properly in the night mode and I was gettiing tons of black pic's/videos instead of normal good pic's and sent the fuggin' thing back to Moultrie to get it fixed. The cam was on a scrape and I know most of the pic's that fugged up were of my target bucks but there was nothing I could do but send it back and wait. Well, I sent it in a fucking month ago and was notified last Friday that their service dept. JUST received it and it will be another 3 to 5 weeks before I get it back. I guess sending it Priority Mail for nearly 11 buckaroos with delivery comp. was a total waste of time and money. Next, I ordered a LW hangon TS from Cabelas 6 weeks ago and IT'S still on backorder and prolly won't get the sumbitch till the AFTER the rut has come and gone. Hell, I checked out LW's website and THEY have the fuckin' things on backorder! Are the frickin' LW manufacturing employees out hunting or playing euchre in the back room drinkin' hard cider on the clock? WTF!! Next, the farm I hunt down here is close to the house and does have some big bucks that run thru ther from time to time.........which is good! It's only 80 acres with mostly tillable(prolly 80%) but has a few places to hang a stand or hunt from a blind BUT, bumping elbows will prolly be more the norm as the rut approaches. This past Sat. afternoon I was just getting in my stand in a small woodlot that runs between a deadend road and a picked cornfield and was about to start pulling my bow up when the SHIT was just starting to hit the fan. I hear a Quad come driving right down the middle of the CF with a Asshat whistling the OSU fight song toting a chainsaw on his back rack. WTF, it's 3:45 and this is not a good sign. So I lowered my bow back down and figured this goofball is going to be messing me up so I planned on going to the other side of the farm and just hunt on the ground. Well, while walking down the road I saw the guy walking the woodlot heading toward my stand and I asked him if he had permission to be here and he said yes. I was nice about it and I just wanted to find out when he plans on cutting up the fallen trees so's I know WHEN not to hunt this spot. He say's," Ole, prolly the next 2 to 3 weeks. WTF, I guess that spot is fucked during the rut! Can it get any worse you say! Yep! I walked a half mile to the other side of the farm and set up on the ground on the downwind side of another picked CF. Sat there for 2 fuggin hours and just about 6 o'clock I spotted two individuals dressed in bluejeans standing across the CF from me talking and hand gesturing as if they were scoping it out to hunt in the future. It was a guy and his girl friend/wife and they started walking my way checking for tracks and throwing dirt in the air checking the WD. They got to within 45 to 50 yards of me sending every fuckin' squirrel in the hollar into a barking match and just totally ruined what was left of a pretty piss poor hunting trip. I figured I might as well make contact before they left to get a feel as to what their intentions were and to see just who the hell they were. It's hard to be polite when your pissed but I managed to find out that they were indeed scouting it out. BUT AT 6 FUCKING O'CLOCK! They were nice people but give me a break! SO, as it stands I've gotten to understand that taking a big mature buck on this property is going to be a bit of a challenge. I always head back to where I call home in SE Ohio to hunt the ole stomping grounds with my bro and friends which I will do in a week or two but was really looking forward to spending some QUALITY time hunting this farm close to the house and family. It looks as though my quest of taking my target buck as just got tougher and alot more challenging! I hope your hunting experiences are far better than mine! Goodluck and besafe! Now, I feel better already! Just needed to vent! Thanks guys!:smiley_baby:


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**Now pinch-bitching for FS...Dannmann....Dannmann.....**

Retards and liars in customer service:smiley_devil:....and ya can't sit on a backorder-what good will a stand do me if it arrives on February 15th....sunzabitches....and on top of that, muh private land just went public!
Might as well just take a tent and go hunt the Wayne, WTF?~~!!?!!?~?!!!

Seriously, it sounds like a pain in the ass and very frustrating. But I'm learning that this is just a regular part of hunting, I guess. Setback after setback is to be expected from time to time. (Just got the second good one of the season last nite myself). But I do feel your pain.


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Massillon, Ohio
It is so hard to find any hunting ground so I feel your pain. but to haev all that going on at once I am surprised you didnt just pack it up and Say F that place and never go again. There is entirely too much permission giving there it sounds like.


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NW Ohio
Thanks for venting FS. I feel better now.:D

You described my entire season last year. This year is better, but not what you would call an undisturbed season either. Good luck bud!


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NW Ohio Tundra
I've been there man, and I know how you feel.

Just be glad that this shit happened to you while it is warm and the deer are still laying somewhat low. Get out there during the week if you can and you will have a lot less chance at this type of thing happening.

The good hunting is yet to come, stay positive.


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It is so hard to find any hunting ground so I feel your pain. but to haev all that going on at once I am surprised you didnt just pack it up and Say F that place and never go again. There is entirely too much permission giving there it sounds like.
The woods are being overpopulated with bow hunters now. I think it is because of all the TV shows that make it look so easy. It's getting so many people out that used to be just gun hunters, or not hunters at all. However, you could use it to your advantage. Maybe there are some places on that farm that are not so easily accessible that could serve as deer sanctuaries? If too many people are hunting, you could take advantage of the added pressure and hunt the places the deer are going to go for safety. Just a thought.
If you're like me, you are very limited where you can hunt.
Getting exclusive permission to hunt a farm is very tough.
I hope things work out for ya. Best of luck finding something.


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Somewhere OHIO
FS, I feel for ya buddy. I have had some real winners this year. I still have the guy from across the road riding his quad all over and smashing my apple pile (it's right under his quad in the pic.) but now he is pulling a trailer and cutting firewood. I had another guy come in this past Saturday at 4:30 and fire up a chainsaw and cut wood until 6:15 when he left. I figure about the peak of the rut I will get EVERYBODY else that has permission to hunt this place show up and walk all over the property looking for deer sign to setup on for gun season.

Hang in there buddy and good luck



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I didn't read it, but we totally need a bitch thread. I hope you feel better and whatever it is, I hope you can get around it and shoot a freaking monster.

I'm just rooting for everyone on this site. I won't be happy until every single guys shoots a P & Y.


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SW Ohio
Thanks guys, I know I'm not the only guy struggling with situations like I've experienced but it just got overwelming because the shit was just bombarding me all at one time. I've simmered down and like Chad said, it was happening during this warm and windy snap when the deer weren't really on the move like they could have been. Milo, I have a Lone Wolf Alpha hangon on order and it is still on backorder. If you haven't ever used one you are missing out. I know there are other great quality hangons on the market but this stand is simply awesome. They are on sale in Cabelas for $199 and if you use the 30 dollar coupon they sent you(if you spend more than $150) you can get it for $169, which is an unbelieveable deal. They are regularly $220! The Moultrie I-40 Game Spy is the model of cam that I sent back in. I got it from Bass Pro for 70 bucks and it's what I was really relying on to get a feel as to what bucks I had cruising thru this farm and where and when they were doing it. I just can't believe the length of time they are saying it will take for me to get it back. Two fuggin' months is way too long! They sent me a e-mail saying, " Thanks for your patience"! It's obvious they aren't too concerned about my ordeal! Prolly some raghead named Hadji sitting in a room with broken down TC's stacked all around him making minimum wage. It's just frustrating!:frown:


Tatonka guide.
so cabelas does not have your stand? i was just there sunday in wheeling and they had some...I bought an elite this year...wish i got teh alpha


Coshocton, OH
hate to hear that! keep your head up man! its a very long season and i bet things will take a turn for the better.... were not even into the good hunting yet... there is still tons of time..


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Sorry to hear about your frustrations, Ric. Hang in there dude.

Do yourself a favor and forget about that Moultrie piece of shit. All I read anymore about moultries is the lack of night time or all-black night time pics. Yea they're cheap, but they eat up batteries and don't perform properly... waste of money IMO.