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Grandslam Snare Line 2017

Thanks guys, I appreciate all the comments. While I agree as hunters we need to be cognizant of our appearance to the general public, I am not going to apologize for making the post public. People's perceptions of what we do aren't going to change because of a video I posted. The coyote was dead 2 minutes after I got to it on my line today, and 30 seconds after I shot it. A double lung shot deer in archery season is going to take the same amount of time to fully expire as well. How long is it going to take a single-lunged deer to die, or a deer hit in the liver or guts? Not to mention all the deer that are wounded each year because of poor shot selection, hunter error, or shooting at bad angles. Watch any of the hunting shows on tv and you are going to see plenty of all the above, and far worse.

I feel no need to apologize about a clean, ethical and legal kill.
Yeah. I am a deputy game warden in PA and we have different regulations. We have to use cable restraints, which mine have been modified to. We also cannot set in an "entanglement" situation. I bought mine and modified them to be compliant in PA as well.
Hey awesome thread and glad to see you having some success. I noted you were from Pa and was hoping you might be able to provide me with an understanding of how I find one of these required cable restraint classes as I ran a snare line the year before moving back to pa and would love to start using cable restraints. I looked at the PGC website but could only find 2 classes for the entirety of 2018 and both were pretty far away, I sure hope they make it more available than that.