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Grandslam Snare Line 2017


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Columbiana County
Well......the set in last picture was definitely in the right spot...but......the damn thing chewed out! I was greeted to a nice catch circle and and a bloody cable! This dog just went to the top of the hit list.
Damn, that sucks... The cable will stay with it semi tight, right?
I assume so. I can't see the lock backing off. It has about a foot of cable still attached past the lock. This is the second I have had chew through. One last year and now this one. My guess is they are caught just after dark and have plenty of time to chew through the cable. I check my line as early as possible in the mornings but I guess it happens.

I can only imagine what their teeth and mouth look like after chewing out. The end of the snare is a bloody mess.